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The education contract and the study and examination regulations lay down the basic rules for studying at FHWien of WKW. Every day you will come into contact with these rules and from time to time you will also come into conflict with them. With the following FAQs we try to give you a good overview of the situation. If you have any further questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at office@oeh.fh-wien.at!

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What are the general examination modalities at FHWien of WKW?
The examination modalities must be announced in the syllabus at the beginning of the semester or module. A minimum of 3 dates for 3 entries must be offered; a maximum of a fourth date can be offered if a sufficiently justified non-appearance has occurred. Appointments must be offered by grade deadline. Deadlines for grade closures are: for the winter semester on April 14 and for the summer semester on November 14. Examination notice and sick leave: If you miss an examination due to illness, you will forfeit the associated attendance should you not send the form "Sick leave notice for examination" to the Service Point (servicepoint@fh-wien.ac.at). Important: The certificates must be sent immediately to the Service Point and must have been issued within three days of the examination date at the latest. Notification of illness if attendance is below the required level: See "How is the attendance requirement regulated?". Up to 6 months after the announcement of the assessment, it is possible to ask to see the examination documents and protocols of the same and to make copies of them. Closed questions, in particular multiple choice questions, including the respective answer options, are excluded from the right to make copies.
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When and how can I apply for an annual retake?
If the semester has not been completed in full by the deadline for grades, or if all attempts have been exhausted, the study program cannot be continued directly. However, you have the right to repeat the year once, whereby the repetition must be announced to the head of the study program within one month of notification of the negative examination result. The right is also available after the 3rd negative result in a Bachelor's or Master's examination. In case of compelling reasons, the studies can also be interrupted. For this purpose, a meeting with the head of the study program is to be requested.
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How can I pause my studies?
The one-time possible interruption of studies must be applied for in writing to the head of the study program. The interruption can be applied for a maximum of one year and can be extended for a maximum of one year by stating suitable reasons. Achievements already made before the interruption remain valid. If the request is rejected by the program director, a written appeal may be filed with the College within 2 weeks.
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How is the performance evaluation done?
Certificates are to be issued no later than 4 weeks after the completion of a service, and collective certificates no later than 4 weeks after the end of the semester. You can create the certificates yourself via FHWien Online. The following grading system is used: Very good (1): 100 % to > 90 % of the maximum points; "Very good" is awarded to performances that meet the requirements in an outstanding manner. Good (2): 90 % to > 75 % of the maximum points; "Good" is used to assess performance that fulfills the requirements to an extent that goes beyond the essentials. Satisfactory (3): 75 % to > 60 % of the maximum points; "Satisfactory" is used to assess performance that meets the specified requirements in the essential areas. Satisfactory (4): 60 % to > 50 % of the maximum points; "Satisfactory" is awarded for performance that predominantly fulfills the requirements despite deficiencies in the essential areas. Unsatisfactory (5): 50 % to 0 % of the maximum points; "Unsatisfactory" is awarded for performance that does not meet the requirements for the assessment "Satisfactory". The mere participation in the classroom cannot be included in the performance evaluation. The basis of the performance assessment is verifiable performance in written or oral form.
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How can exams be repeated?
A failed examination can be repeated twice in a regular manner, with the second repetition taking place as a board examination. Board examinations are generally written; if the main examination was oral, the board examination may also be oral. As a rule, oral examinations are generally also repeated orally. In the case of a board examination (=last possible examination date), only the examination counts and not any work performed during the lecture. Bachelor and Master examinations can also be repeated twice.
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How is compulsory attendance regulated?
Due to the current Corona situation, the course-related attendance requirement has been lifted until the provision is revoked. If the attendance requirement of 75% is not met (for all modules; in justified individual cases, the head of the study program may stipulate a different attendance requirement), the student will lose a possible examination entry. If the shortfall in the course-related attendance requirement of 75% is due to illness and this is to be excused, proof must be provided. Only after a negative examination performance or non-attendance at the examination must the sick note issued at the time of the absence from the course be sent to the Service Point (servicepoint@fh-wien.ac.at) together with the form "sick note for examination" provided for this purpose. Therefore, always keep sick notes!
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How can I appeal a decision or negative grade?
It is not possible to appeal purely against the negative assessment of an examination, but only in the case of a procedural error related to the examination. If there is such a procedural error, an appeal can be filed with the head of the study program or the college within two weeks of becoming aware of the negative assessment. This must be done in writing and, if it is addressed to the College, using a special form (available in Moodle). It is advisable to contact the education policy department of the ÖH FHWien (bipol@oeh-fhwien.at) before taking this step in order to discuss the procedure. Complaints are also possible when various applications are rejected. Here, too, it is advisable to consult with the ÖH.
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How are oral examinations conducted?
Oral examinations are always open to the public and must be recorded in the procedure. The examination senate always consists of 3 persons.
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How can I get credits for lectures or modules?
Applications for recognition must be submitted via the FH system (via "FH Online"). Despite the processing via the Service Point, the head of the study program is the decisive authority, whereby it is also possible to appeal to the College in the case of rejected credits. In order to be able to carry out the crediting without errors, it is advisable to read the current guidelines for crediting (always available in Moodle) and to contact the ÖH if you have any questions.
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What are the exceptions to waiving the mandatory semester or internship abroad?
Due to the current situation, the obligation to complete the semester abroad or the internship abroad is suspended until revoked. Exceptions are only possible 1. in the case of serious illness requiring specific treatment 2. in the case of disabilities and chronic illnesses that severely restrict mobility 3. important family obligations (e.g. sudden and fateful family care obligations that make it impossible for the student to be away from home for an extended period of time, or childcare). The request for this must be submitted to the program director. According to the UAS, financial reasons do not give rise to an exception, as numerous subsidies exist at EU and national level (e.g. Erasmus). If you need help regarding subsidies, you can contact the social department of the ÖH FHWien (sozref@oeh-fhwien.at).
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What are the regulations regarding Bachelor's and Master's theses in the examination regulations?
The final papers and exams are also dealt with in the examination and study regulations, but the questions on these topics are very diverse and detailed. Accordingly, we advise you to read the examination regulations directly and to contact the ÖH FHWien if you have any questions.


A lot has happened in advocacy during the 2019/2020 academic year. It has been an extraordinary and challenging year for all of us. The situation with Covid-19 took us all by surprise, but we still did our best to advocate for you. In the following, we would like to outline what we have accomplished for you this semester. However, due to data protection laws, we can only write about a fraction of the representation work that has happened here.


In a number of meetings of working groups and the College, we were able to outbreak the outbreak of the pandemic, we were able to achieve fair examination regulations in a challenging semester. For example, we were able to achieve the abolition of compulsory attendance for the summer semester of 2020 and additional deadlines for bachelor’s and master’s theses. The examination regulations were decided in our favor!


Academic Year 2019/20

“As the education department’s policy representative, I was involved with all educational policy issues at FHWien of WKW and was the first point of contact for students regarding education policy and the related legal information.

Especially in uncertain times like these, it was essential for students to have
 a contact person for their questions and problems.

I am available for questions regarding 
questions about examination regulations, taxes, absences or credits, in order to support students of our University of Applied Sciences in their everyday life and studies in the best possible way.

In addition, I have sought contact with lecturers and examiners in more complex cases, in order to guarantee mutual understanding and to assist in difficult situations.

information and help ranged from everyday questions and answers to more specific topics, which took more time and and effort and where I accompanied students over longer periods of time

Many of the students were additionally supported by the ÖH FHWien representatives in the college in terms of educational policy.

If you have any questions or need help in the upcoming semester
, get in touch with us at office@oeh-fhwien.at.”

– Lara Soleder


More details about our substitution work in recent academic years can be found here:

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