A frequent problem with final submissions (bachelor’s, master’s, or diploma theses) is the problem of plagiarism. To prevent this from happening to you, the ÖH FHWien offers a plagiarism check, in which your work is compared with the Internet using our own plagiarism check software. The result you receive from us shows whether you have taken text passages, etc. from the Internet. Unlike the plagiarism check of the FHWien of WKW (TurnItIn), which uploads your work into a database and additionally compares it with existing works, the plagiarism check of the ÖH FHWien (PlagAware) uses the internet as source as well as the database of PlagAware. Even if the software says that the work is not plagiarized, it cannot be 100% excluded that the work is not plagiarized anyway – thus, the plagiarism check cannot replace a manual check of your work. After you have received our plagiarism check result, it is up to you to revise possible plagiarism or to check the marked passages. Citations are not recognized as such by the software and are therefore displayed as plagiarism.


If you are interested in a free plagiarism check, please send us your work via e-mail to plagiatscheck@oeh-fhwien.at . Name the files according to this pattern: Name_FirstName.fileformat (PDF, Word, txt, rtf, …). The e-mail must be sent from your edu.fh-wien.ac.at address! E-mails from any other e-mail address will be deleted without reply.

The software prefers a *.docx format without annotations/comments, because files with comments are returned. The review will be done approx. within 5 working days (except during vacations).


We know what it’s like: the deadline is coming closer and you don’t know where to get your work binded? And it’s still expensive? We have the solution! We will be happy to bind your seminar papers or bachelor theses in our office during our opening hours. Our office is located in room B517 on the 5th floor of the B wing.

The costs are € 1,-.

We use a transparent foil as cover sheet and colored cardboard (black, white or red) as reverse side. Adhesive binding is used, which is the same color as the back.

Photoshop & InDesign COURSES

Our Photoshop & InDesign courses are very popular. Due to the high demand for further education in this area, the ÖH FHWien has decided to sponsor them. Participants only have to pay a small fee of € 50,- (we reserve the right to change this fee depending on demand and availability of places). Due to various circumstances, such as available financial resources, but especially the availability of rooms at the FHWien as well as computers on which Adobe programs are available, only a limited number of beginner and advanced courses can take place.


You will be informed by e-mail in due time about course dates as well as time of activation for registration. Time frame: The courses usually take place for one week on five evenings.

Beginner course or advanced course? If you have not yet had much to do with the two Adobe programs, we recommend that you take the beginners’ course. In this course the basics are explained. We have received feedback that the advanced course is sometimes too difficult to get started with. Please note that in both courses only a fraction of the functions available in Photoshop and InDesign can be explained. If you want to become a professional in this area, we ask you to attend more advanced courses.


We asked ourselves the question, “What do we students need?” There’s a lot going on during college. Some are just starting to work, others are already firmly in their careers but want to develop professionally. And so we students are often faced with the task of sending out applications to companies. Whether it’s the mandatory internship, a student job or a full-time job, an application photo is needed. However, this is often time consuming and expensive! Therefore, we have made the decision to make this easier for you. We hire a photographer to come to FH several times a year. You simply sign up for slots and within 15 minutes you get your professional application photo.

Unfortunately, we had the experience last year that participants did not show up for the appointment at short notice. It was then no longer possible for us to re-fill the slot. This is expensive and so we do not want to use your ÖH contribution! For this reason, from the academic year 2018/19 there will be a small fee for participation.


You will be informed by e-mail about the dates and time of activation of the registration.


Yes, printing can be quite a big drain on your wallet. We are fighting this problem.
How? With your ÖH printing service!


That’ s how it’s done: Email druckservice@oeh-fhwien.at 2 days before your print date and let us know when you’ll be coming by our office (Room B517) with your work on your USB drive.

Our print service days are Tuesdays 8:00am – 11:30am and Thursdays from 3:00pm – 6:30pm. Due to current circumstances, the usual Corona safety measures apply to print service as well, as well as the 3G rule (tested, recovered, vaccinated).

Here you can see the price list. Please bring the exact amount in cash and pay on the spot.