David Pejaonvic Chairman ÖH FHWien

Flora Trotz 1. Vice chairwoman ÖH FHWien

Lukas Hollerer 2. Vice chairman ÖH FHWien

David Pejanovic
Chairman ÖH FHWien
Flora Trotz
1. Vice chairwoman ÖH FHWien
Lukas Hollerer
2. Vice chairman ÖH FHWien


Sandra Steiner
Head of finance
Clemens Grossberger
Consultant for social politics
Max Daschütz
Consultant for educational politics
Katharina Reiner
Administrator for educational politics

Francesco Steiner Referent für Qualitätsmanagement

Nicolas Hoser Referent für Sport

Jennifer Novomesky interim Head of department for events

Mika Pagsinohin interimHead of public relations

Francesco Steiner
Head of quality management
Nicolas Hoser
Head of department for sports
Jennifer Novomesky
interim Head of department for events
Mika Pagsinohin
interim Head of public relations


Department for Economic Affairs (Wirtschaftsreferat)

The department for Economic Affairs manages the funds available to cover the expenses of the Student Union. It supervises the bookkeeping and all other departments of the Student Union in terms of economic respect with the obligation to report to the university representatives on an ongoing basis and monitors compliance with the financial regulations by the departments. Furthermore, the Economic Affairs Officer plans the annual budget, submits the annual accounts, and records and controls the entire movable and immovable inventory of the student body.

Department for social politics

The department for social politics provides counseling and support services for students with regard to obtaining state and other grants or subsidies. In addition, it is your contact point for the topics “Studying without Austrian citizenship” and “Studying with children”.

Department for Public Relations

The Public Relations Department is the contact point between the public and the university. It ensures an appropriate flow of information from students and the ÖH FHWien through press work, public relations and the maintenance of the website as well as the Facebook and Instagram channels. In short: It takes care of the entire external appearance of the ÖH FHWien.

Department for educational politics

The main purpose of the Department for Educational Politics is to provide legal advice in the area of study and examination law for students. In addition, the Department for Educational Politics contributes through active cooperation and statements on a local level in FH committees (for example in complaint commissions or college meetings) in order to improve your study conditions, but also on a state and federal level in the discussion of laws and regulations.

Department for events

The department for events works closely with the department for public relations. It is responsible for the external appearance through the planning, organization and implementation of events. Furthermore, the Organization Department is also responsible for organizing internal networking meetings and is at the disposal of the student representatives when it comes to organizational matters.

study program-
representative (STV)

The study program representation is your direct contact point for study-specific questions. It consists of up to three mandataries for study programs with less than 400 students, otherwise of up to five mandataries. They are elected during ÖH elections in a personal election. The student representatives (StV) represent the interests of the students in a particular field of study.



Loredana Bartl
TM Ansprechpartnerin
Verena Gattinger
KOMM Ansprechpartnerin
Maximilian Jeindl
UF Ansprechpartner
Felix Gerl
HRO Ansprechpartner

JOUR Ansprechspartnerin

Verena Gattinger KOMM Ansprechspartnerin

Maximilian Jeindl UF Ansprechspartner

Loredana Bartl TM Ansprechspartnerin

FIRST program representative

(BA Finanz-, Rechnungs- und Steuerwesen & MA Financial Management und Controlling). Du bist FIRST Student?
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IMMO program representative

(BA Immobilienwirtschaft & MA Immobilienmanagement) Du bist IMMO Student?
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JOUR program representative

(BA Content-Produktion und Digitales Medienmanagement & BA Journalismus und Medienmanagement & MA Journalismus und Neue Medien) Du bist JOUR Student?
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KOMM program representative

(BA Kommunikationswirtschaft & MA Kommunikationsmanagement) Du bist KOMM Student?
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TM program representative

(BA Tourismusmanagement & MA Leadership im Tourismus) Du bist TM Student?
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MARS program representative

(BA Marketing und Sales & MA Marketing- und Sales-Management) Du bist MARS Student?
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HRO program representative

(BA Personalmanagement & MA Organisations- und Personalentwicklung) Du bist HRO Student?
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UF program representative

(BA Unternehmensführung – Entrepreneurship & MA Unternehmensführung – Executive Management) Du bist UF Student?
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